A blank page

I look at a blank page with a blend of anticipation and dread.

So much potential of what I can put there.

So much fear that what I write won’t be good enough.

The first step is just getting some words on paper — or in the case of this blog, on the screen.

I’ve spent years wondering what I should write and wondering…will people like it? What will they think?

I believe most writers worry about those things, too.

They simply decide to get out of their own head and write anyway.

And, that’s where I am.

This is my space and I’m opening it up to the vast virtual world.

This is me.  My life as a wife, a mother, a professional writer who’s looking to shape her voice into something meaningful.

Sometimes (ok, many times) it will often come from nothing.

That’s where the magic of writing comes from. You take a blank page and create stories and people with life and purpose.

I welcome you into my world with considerable fear. Putting myself out there is not an easy thing.

But, I also welcome you with much gratitude and appreciation. I hope some of my stories resonate with you along the way. And, I hope you share your thoughts, because I love a great conversation!

And, this all started with a blank page.

Thanks for reading!

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