Marie Rossiter

Feature Writer & Blogger

Marie Rossiter - Feature Writer & Blogger

I can help tell your story.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but words are even more powerful. You don’t need a thousand words to paint a picture or tell a story that means something to readers.

People connect with stories–whether its other peoples’ stories or the story of how a business can help them improve their own lives.

In today’s fast-paced culture, businesses only have a few moments to make an impression on a customer.

We may be in a digital age, but words can stop people in their tracks. Words grab attention in a world filled with countless flashing images and fingers ready to click to the next page.

Word power is not a “super power”.  I don’t have a secret identity; in fact, I’ve spent more than a decade fine tuning these special abilities so I can share them with the world.

These abilities include:

  • producing fast, clean copy
  • meeting tight deadlines
  • listening to my clients’ needs and adapting to their unique circumstances, style and voice
  • keeping open communications with my clients (reliability and accessibility are crucial to a solid working relationship)

I specialize in feature writing and/or guest blogging on a variety of lifestyle topics including (but not limited to): parenting, entertainment, current events, education, human interest and Walt Disney World travel; press releases; social media consultation and copy writing.

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“My Blog” features Mom Gets Real: my own space to share my how I navigate the world of parenting two girls: a teen and a tween. I created “Mom Gets Real” to sort and share my thoughts with the hope of learning a lot and maybe helping others to connect through shared experiences.

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I look forward to helping you find the power in your business’ message!